According to Inside, Fuji Television has just opened One Piece themed restaurant at the venue they have which is known as Ginza Marche.

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Gintama Comes Back On TV

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Anime, Manga, News
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 According to Mantan Web, the new TV series of Gintama will be broadcast from next April.

This news was announced on Shone Jump issued on 6th December, and on the front page, the main character from the anime, Sakata Gintoki was wearing the Aloha-shirts and denim shorts, which I have no idea about their intention. Click this to see if he looks good on Aloha style clothing.

A titanium artist Yokichi in Tokushima City, Japan has been making the Lance of Longinus featured in Evangelion. He started the work on May 2010, and according to Gizmodo Japan, it is almost done!

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If you are in US, then probably this will be good news (and bad news for us living in Japan, so to speak).

Those of you who lives in US will be able to watch the live action movie of Gantz first. In my opinion, it is pretty weird. And according to Cinema Today, Kenichi Matsuyama who played the lead role is also confused that the movie will be released in Japan later.

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 According to Walkerplus, Revoltech Yamaguchi series provided by Kaiyodo will celebrate its 100th model with Evangelion-01. This latest figure will be released on 15th January 2011, and price is set for 3480 yen (for the first production, it will be 3000 yen).

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Naruto’s game for PS 3 and X box, Narutimate Strom 2 has just passed the milestone.

The manufacturer of the game, Namco and Bandai Games announced that they have now shipped one million products worldwide. This game was created based on the concept, the fusion of game and anime.

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One Piece Car Debuted

Posted: November 26, 2010 in Anime, News
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 Movie is fine, figure is fine, glasses…umm…fine, but a car?!

According to Car Watch, Nissan revealed new Thousand Serena which is designed with the concept of One Piece.

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