Gundam & Coffee

Posted: September 4, 2010 in Akihabara
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We found a nice cafe in Akihabara dedicated to Gundam fans out there, which is called, Gundam Cafe as you can see in the picture below!

There were about 20 people waiting outside the cafe today:)

At this cafe, everything, yes, I mean everything is related to Gundam, from the cup to BGM. So if you love Gundam series and plan to visit AKB (aka Akihabara), be sure to visit this place. However if you are not a Gundam fan and feel like a cup of coffee, then we do not recommend this cafe, since it costs 420 yen (about 4 dollars 50 cents) for a cup of coffee!

Note: If you are a member of Zeon, then you are not allowed to enter!

Written by : Sasacierge (aka: Daisuke)


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