Manga Museum In Kyoto

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Manga
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From Sunday (26th) to Tuesday (28th), I stayed in Kyoto. As much as I like AKB, I do like Kyoto. And this was my third time visiting that ancient city.

In Kyoto, there are so many things to see, for example, IMO, Kiyomizu Temple and Nanzen Temple are places you must go when you visit there.

However, don’t worry even if you are not interested in the tradition culture. For those of you who want to enjoy the contemporary culture wherever you are, here’s the museum you can immerse yourself in the manga culture. It is called : Kyoto Kokusai Manga Museum.

Personally, it was like a big library dedicated for comics.

Once you pay 600 yen for entrance fee, you can visit the museum as many as you can on the day you visit. They do not sell the refreshment nor a cup of coffee, but you can go outside and get some food and drink and come back so that you can enjoy reading mangas with food and drink. I actually did it.

There were many foreign tourists when I visited, and some of them stayed longer than I did. They provide many mangas in several foreign languages. Unfortunately compared to comics in Japanese, those translated mangas were much less. However it’s worth visiting especially when the weather is good, because there are tables and chairs outside and you can even lie down and read the comic on the lawn!


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