New (well, kind of) One Piece Starts and its Stats

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Anime, Manga, News
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We told you that the creator of the One Piece took four weeks vacation last month.  And now he’s back to work!

The “new” One Piece with full of energy will come back on Shonen Jump (weekly magazine) on 4th October issue! The creator of this amazing work Eiichiro Oda told the press through the publisher Syueisya that he is now filled up with energy.

However there is one statement that may make us worried. According to Mr. Oda, the new world series will guide One Piece to the end of the story. I knew that One Piece would end someday. But it is a sort of shocking to hear it from its creator. All we can do is to hope the “FINAL” series will be very long story.

By the way, 195 million copies of One Piece comics (59 issues so far) have been sold. And the first issue of the 57th which started selling from March 2010 sold 3 million copies (the new record). And not only in Japan, One Piece actually has sold its comics/books in about 30 different countries.(via Oricon Style (Japanese))

  1. Orannis says:

    Gotta say, I actually like knowing that a series is going to end, simply because then I know they don’t intend to keep milking it until it is hated by everyone because the quality keeps dropping. All good things must come to a close, and one piece is definitely a good thing. 😛

  2. And I think he (Mr. Oda) wants to end it as well. And it must be a good thing for him and us since we may be able to read his “new” work. But for now, let’s believe that he will make the ending great!

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