Theme Song of “Moe” Temple Downloaded Tremendously

Posted: October 5, 2010 in Anime, Music, News
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Do you know a temple which features “moe” style? No, it’s not an otaku’s new business. This temple, 了法寺 (ryouho-ji) is an established site and it is said to have been worshipped since 1489.

This temple has a unique approach to its operation. They feature “萌え (moe)”. For example they have the “moe” board and Maid Cafe at the site! And now they have got a theme song (actually this was released at the comic market 78). And the title is : 寺ズッキュン!愛の了法寺!フルVar. (Temple of love…. sorry it is impossible to translate!) You can watch the videos related to this song including choreograph here.

And this song have been downloaded from the Anime channel, Animax‘s official mobile site more than any other song!

Via : Cinema Today (Japanese)


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