I Found One “Peace” at Akihabara

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Akihabara, Akihabara Concierge, Anime
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Note: This is not a type of entry we post here usually. It is a bit adult and joke oriented. So be warned. This is a sort of quick report from one of our members, Daisuke.

I found a mouse pad with breasts which might be as nice as those of the real Nami from One Piece!

I also found those of Hancock and Robin. But I definitely like Nami the best! What about you?

I’m sure you can be even more productive using this tool. If you feel tired, let your hands rest by putting them on those “nice” parts. But try to use it gently otherwise it may be exploded! So don’t rest too long!

I guess I found “Peace” before Luffy did!


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