Watch Hayao Miyazaki’s New Project at Ghibli Museum

Posted: October 20, 2010 in Anime, Event, Movie, News
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 The new project of Miyazaki Hayao was announced yesterday by the director of PR at Ghibli on his blog. Miyazaki’s new work, titled “パン種とたまご姫(pan-syu to tamago hime:translated probably as yeast and egg princess)” will be opened to the public at the Ghibli museum from November 20th.

This film will be quite short from 10 to 12 minutes, and according to the PR director, the story is about the yeast and egg who suddenly start moving. It seems they will continue to show this work at the museum for long-term including the X’mas season when the museum will be decorated and illuminated.

Via : Cinema Today (Japanese)

  1. […]  As we have noticed before, from tomorrow, you can watch the latest work from Hayao Miyazaki, at Ghibli museum located in Mitaka City, Tokyo. […]

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