K-on New Album Coming Soon

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Anime, Music, News
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 K-on! is unstoppable. The CDs they have released are selling millions of copies and as we reported before, it will become a movie.

And now they will release another CD on 27th October, this time full album with two CDs. Disc 2 is a cassette recording version including some talk.

The following is the song lists.

Disc 1 (Studio mix)

1. Ichigo Parfait Ga Tomaranai

2. Pyua Pyua Heart

3. Honey Sweet Tea Time

4. Samidare 20 Love

5. Gohan Wa Okazu

6. Tokimeki Sugar

7. Fuyu No Hi

8. U & I

9. Tenshi Ni Furetayo!

10. Interlude

11. Houkago Tea Time

Disc 2 (Cassette Recording Mix)

1. Introduction

2. Fuwafuwa Jikan

3. Curry Nochi Rice

4. Watashi No Koi Wa Hotchkiss

5. Fudepen – ballpoint pen –

6. Pyua Pyua Heart

7. Ichigo Parfait Ga Tomaranai

8. Honey Sweet Tea Time

9. Tokimeki Sugar

10. Samidare 20 Love

11. Gohan Wa Okazu

12. U & I

Via : Listen Japan (Japanease)


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