Gantz Prioritizes US Over Japan

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Movie, News
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If you are in US, then probably this will be good news (and bad news for us living in Japan, so to speak).

Those of you who lives in US will be able to watch the live action movie of Gantz first. In my opinion, it is pretty weird. And according to Cinema Today, Kenichi Matsuyama who played the lead role is also confused that the movie will be released in Japan later.

Cinema Today said that 300 theaters in total would host this Japanese movie, which brings up a question. Of course, Gantz is popular here. But I’m not sure if it is popular enough in US that people will be flocking to the 300 theatres! Being said that, I like the original Gantz and believe in Kenichi Matsuyama, so I hope they will be successful in reaching audience in US! 

Via : Cinema Today (Japanese)

  1. Katy says:

    Living in the US I think it wierd too, but Gantz is popular. You are going to get hardcore fans and three set of fangrils to see this movie. The three sets I am talking about are Arashi, Matsuyma and Hango fan grils. Belive or not Nino, Matsuyma, and Hango are popular in a subculture that we given the name of Otaku (by the way I am one). For us Americans Otaku means anyone who has strong intrest in anything Japanese. Oh by they way tickets are allready on sale for US. That my comment.

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