About AKC

Akiba Concierge (AKC) is the proxy service where you can specify what you want to buy and we will get it within a few weeks. AKC is founded by three individuals who work for a different industry and has a different skill, Nikki, Ken and Daisuke.  

Standard Procedure:

  1. Submit a contact form on the Contact Us page with information about yourself (your REAL name, email address, and home address for estimating the shipping cost) and the stuff you want to buy. By including pictures, information on manufacturers, and shops may help significantly.
  2. We will go out and look for it. When we find it, we will take a pic of the stuff and send you the email with price including the commission fee and shipping cost.
  3. If you like what you see in the email and agree to buy, transfer the money via Paypal.
  4. As soon as we confirm the payment, we will get it and deliver it to you.   
  1. Marcelo Cury Balseiro says:

    first of all thanks for this chance – this is a incredible idea

    Since I was a KId there is a anime that changed my life and the name of this is Zillion or akai koudan jirion
    I wanna ask if is possible to find the figures and vehicles of this series and how much is the estimated price and lowest shipping options
    and in second like many of guys I use to love Dragon BALL and I wanna buy a few figures that I missed a few years ago – they are caled HYBRID and is a toy figure series from Bandai _ I want Regular Vegeta (black hair) Broly (super saiyan) Goku (black hair) Gogeta (super saiyan) Gohan (adolescent version) Cell and BOO (kid version)
    thanks again and I’am waiting from you
    oh and I wish to thank TOMOPOP
    Best for you

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