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Hi, everyone!

Thank you for checking out site and using our service.

Since we have reached two months after we beta-launched our service, we decided to start a new cash-back campaign to show our appreciation.

It’s a bit complicated, so please read the following carefully:)

This is  5 % cash-back campaign, from the total price which includes commissions and shipping. We will cash-back when you receive the product. Plus, to receive this, you need to complete your order during this month, from 11th November to 31st November 2010(if the product you purchase won’t be delivered to you during November(such as pre-order stuff), you are still applicable to this campaign, in that case, please let us know about it (if we forgot about it!), then we will refund 5 % of the total price, when you receive the product).

So if you know what you want to get, take in touch with us via contact form as soon as possible!

Note : For those of you who have not used AKC, you need to have your own Paypal account to use us.


This year marks the 30th Anniversary for the Gundam Plastic Model (aka: ガンプラ).
To celebrate this special occasion, Bandai has already produced a special model of RG RX-78-72 Gundam.

In addition to this special product, they will release another 30th anniversary product. This time, Zaku for Char will be launched! It’s beautiful, it’s detailed,  it’s reasonably priced(2625 yen) and it’s for Char, everybody’s hero! You can see the product here.

If you are interested in this product, let us know via contact form.

Via: Sankei (Japanese)

Video : sawatikaeri

 Another artbook that combines Anime and Art will be released soon.

About a month ago, we introduced the artbook which collects a lot of beautiful images created by Shigenori Soejima who was in charge of the Persona. This time we would like to introduce an excellent and “big” artbook called “CHOCOLATE GOUACHE”created by CHOCO who were in charge of characters on Xenosaga and Busou Shinki. This comprises two different books: 1. SIDE:COLOR has a wide variety of illustration works he has created so far. 2. SIDE:MONOCHROME includes materials for game/anime.

For the limited edition, in addition to those two books, you will get a DVD that shows you how he has managed to write an illustration for this book and three large illustration works.

It costs 6980 yen and the preorder period will be ended on November 15th and start shipping in the end of this year. So if you want the limited edition, do reserve (and in that case, consider using us as a middleman

Via: INSIDE (Japanese)

You can see the actual illustrations from the following URL.

Note: This is not a type of entry we post here usually. It is a bit adult and joke oriented. So be warned. This is a sort of quick report from one of our members, Daisuke.

I found a mouse pad with breasts which might be as nice as those of the real Nami from One Piece!

I also found those of Hancock and Robin. But I definitely like Nami the best! What about you?

I’m sure you can be even more productive using this tool. If you feel tired, let your hands rest by putting them on those “nice” parts. But try to use it gently otherwise it may be exploded! So don’t rest too long!

I guess I found “Peace” before Luffy did!

First Order Completed

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Akihabara Concierge, News

We started our business in the end of Summer and we have completed our first orders.

The following is a feedback from one of our first customers, who successfully got what he wanted. I think the most important thing about this business is how fast you can reply to our offer. As a matter of fact, a few people could not get what they wanted for the best price because they could not react soon enough. I do know that everyone’s busy. But for one day delay, someone else will scoop things right in front of us!

Akiba Concierge is the best middleman/concierge service you’ll find online. Their responses were always prompt and concise, and their customer service is unmatched. They tracked down a rare out of print item for me in less than a week, and for a very reasonable price. I’ll definitely be using their services again in the future. 

Commissions Revealed

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Akihabara Concierge

It seems a lot of people are worried about the commissions, so we decided to reveal commissions here and on Page later.

The commissions basically will be based on the product.  So it is hard to explicitly show how much we will take. But we can say that the commissions will be between 5 to 20 % of the product. Basically the price of the product goes up, the percentage of the commissions will go down.

In response to feedback we have received, to measure the weight of the product (plus the package) more correctly, we decided to divide the payment process to twice, first for the product and commission, then for the shipping. It will make us pay the commission to Paypal twice, so we will have to add 300 yen (well this actually includes packaging cost, so actually commission for shipping is lower). But we believe we’ll be able to give a better, customer-friendly service due to this change. Thank you!