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A titanium artist Yokichi in Tokushima City, Japan has been making the Lance of Longinus featured in Evangelion. He started the work on May 2010, and according to Gizmodo Japan, it is almost done!



 According to Walkerplus, Revoltech Yamaguchi series provided by Kaiyodo will celebrate its 100th model with Evangelion-01. This latest figure will be released on 15th January 2011, and price is set for 3480 yen (for the first production, it will be 3000 yen).


Welcomed to Nakano Broadway!

As well as Mandarake (which is the shop most of you might know or have even visited), there are many shops where you can get rare items in Nakano Broadway.

The biggest difference between Akihabara and Nakano is that the latter focuses on the items which have been sold out online, ancient items, or premium items while the former handles a wide variety of items. In Nakano, you can get rare stuff from Dragon Ball figures to One Piece collectibles.

After we spend all of available options including searching in many shops in Akihabara, we will rely on this magical place as a last resort.

Have you ever regretted not getting something you wanted to get but didn’t for some reasons? Have you given up getting some figures because you can’t find it online?

If that sounds familiar to you, give us a message

We will take it seriously. Then we will start searching for you, and Nakano Broadway can be the solution!

Just do not give up without trying. Before you do, try our service, there’s nothing you are going to lose!

As you might know, there are other places where you can get anime related products. And of them, the most popular place must be Nakano.

In Nakano, there is a place called Nakano Broadway. Here you can find so many stores selling the anime related products. As a matter of fact, I got this product this Sunday. If you like one of these, let us know🙂 (Note: speaking of Gundam, Concierge Nikki is preparing a feature article)

If you visit Tokyo, I do recommend you to visit both AKB and Nakano!

I’m sure you can get what you want!

The new Macross movie -Sayonara no Tsubasa (meaning wing of farewell)- has just opened its official website!

This movie will be released at the cinema nationwide in Japan on February 26th 2011, but you can get the ticket now! However if you want something special with the ticket, then you should wait, since you might get 1. crystal printed version, 2. Ranka’s mini figure or 3. Sheryl’s mini figure. Information about this special ticket will be released on this official.

Bye Bye K-on

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These are Keion figures. Unfortunately, their manga series may be ending soon, but they are still popular!

Written by : Concierge Nikki