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Gintama Comes Back On TV

Posted: December 6, 2010 in Anime, Manga, News
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 According to Mantan Web, the new TV series of Gintama will be broadcast from next April.

This news was announced on Shone Jump issued on 6th December, and on the front page, the main character from the anime, Sakata Gintoki was wearing the Aloha-shirts and denim shorts, which I have no idea about their intention. Click this to see if he looks good on Aloha style clothing.


While  as we have reported, the new opening song for One Piece is getting popular, the comic also has been sold so fast.

As a matter of fact, today it is announced that total sales of One Piece comics reached 200 million.

There are only four different mangas that has sold over 100 million comics in total, including everybody’s favorite, Dragon Ball.

However, none of them could reach this milestone as fast as One Piece did.

Via : Mantanweb (Japanese)

We told you that the creator of the One Piece took four weeks vacation last month.  And now he’s back to work!


From Sunday (26th) to Tuesday (28th), I stayed in Kyoto. As much as I like AKB, I do like Kyoto. And this was my third time visiting that ancient city.

In Kyoto, there are so many things to see, for example, IMO, Kiyomizu Temple and Nanzen Temple are places you must go when you visit there.

However, don’t worry even if you are not interested in the tradition culture. For those of you who want to enjoy the contemporary culture wherever you are, here’s the museum you can immerse yourself in the manga culture. It is called : Kyoto Kokusai Manga Museum. (more…)