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 Another artbook that combines Anime and Art will be released soon.

About a month ago, we introduced the artbook which collects a lot of beautiful images created by Shigenori Soejima who was in charge of the Persona. This time we would like to introduce an excellent and “big” artbook called “CHOCOLATE GOUACHE”created by CHOCO who were in charge of characters on Xenosaga and Busou Shinki. This comprises two different books: 1. SIDE:COLOR has a wide variety of illustration works he has created so far. 2. SIDE:MONOCHROME includes materials for game/anime.

For the limited edition, in addition to those two books, you will get a DVD that shows you how he has managed to write an illustration for this book and three large illustration works.

It costs 6980 yen and the preorder period will be ended on November 15th and start shipping in the end of this year. So if you want the limited edition, do reserve (and in that case, consider using us as a middleman

Via: INSIDE (Japanese)

You can see the actual illustrations from the following URL.