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While  as we have reported, the new opening song for One Piece is getting popular, the comic also has been sold so fast.

As a matter of fact, today it is announced that total sales of One Piece comics reached 200 million.

There are only four different mangas that has sold over 100 million comics in total, including everybody’s favorite, Dragon Ball.

However, none of them could reach this milestone as fast as One Piece did.

Via : Mantanweb (Japanese)


New Bleach movie (jigoku hen – hell edition) will be released on 4th December here in Japan. If you are living in Japan or will be visiting at around that time, (and of course provided that you LOVE bleach), then I recommend you to watch it at the first day.

If you become one of the first 1 million people who watches the film, then you will get the special Bleach comic. This comic has a story related to the movie, and I assume they will not sell this comic later.

Via: Cinema Today (Japanese)

Pic: Cool Guyz (Flickr)

We told you that the creator of the One Piece took four weeks vacation last month.  And now he’s back to work!


It seems the One Piece is taking a four weeks long vacation from last week on Weekly Shonen Jump (at least here in Japan)! So, I’m wondering where you guys or Mr. Oda (creator of One Piece) are sailing, ?! We already miss you!! By the way the picture below is the One Peace Ougi (or Sensu : Fan in English).

Written by Concierge Nikki

Bye Bye K-on

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Figure
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These are Keion figures. Unfortunately, their manga series may be ending soon, but they are still popular!

Written by : Concierge Nikki