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According to Inside, Fuji Television has just opened One Piece themed restaurant at the venue they have which is known as Ginza Marche.



One Piece Car Debuted

Posted: November 26, 2010 in Anime, News
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 Movie is fine, figure is fine, glasses…umm…fine, but a car?!

According to Car Watch, Nissan revealed new Thousand Serena which is designed with the concept of One Piece.


The company called JINS who sells the glasses at the reasonable price has already sold over 7000 pairs of the One Piece model glasses at the first day they started the preorder. This seems to be their milestone.

There are 6 different glasses and 3 different sunglasses. Note that they created the frames by imagining the characters of One Piece, Luffy(men), Zoro(men), Nami(women), Usopp(men, sunglass), Sanji(men), Chopper(kids), Robin(women),Franky(sunglass), and Brook(sunglass).  Every frame has its pirate mark on the end of the frame. They sell those glasses and sunglasses at 2990 yen (if you want to put lenses, you need to pay 2000 yen more). Which one is your favorite?

For details, check the official site!

I found characters from popular animes has become the electronic devices, again. This time One Piece was the target. A company called レイ・アウト (Layout) will release new speakers which print out the characters from One Piece. The following is the basic spec of this product.

Size: 116 wide x 29 length x 62 height (millimeters)

Weight: 110 gram

Battery: triple A battery x2 lasts approximately 6 hours. 

And you can connect this product to PC, iPhone/iPod and so on.  You can check how these products looks at this page.

While  as we have reported, the new opening song for One Piece is getting popular, the comic also has been sold so fast.

As a matter of fact, today it is announced that total sales of One Piece comics reached 200 million.

There are only four different mangas that has sold over 100 million comics in total, including everybody’s favorite, Dragon Ball.

However, none of them could reach this milestone as fast as One Piece did.

Via : Mantanweb (Japanese)

 As you might know, Anime is deeply loved by almost everyone living in Japan. Age and sex does not matter. Also songs related to Anime are popular in Japan. In fact, Anime has been a huge impact on the music industry. I found another proof today.


The new theme song for One Piece is getting popular.
As soon as “One day” by The Rootless was released on Chaku Uta market (music ringtone), it almost reached the top (AKB 48’s beginner got No.1 spot).

On YouTube, the video on the new opening got over 4 million views during 3 months. I put the video below. If you want to see the subtitle, click CC on the lower right of the video. Enjoy!

Via : BARKS (Japanese)