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As you might know, there are other places where you can get anime related products. And of them, the most popular place must be Nakano.

In Nakano, there is a place called Nakano Broadway. Here you can find so many stores selling the anime related products. As a matter of fact, I got this product this Sunday. If you like one of these, let us knowūüôā (Note: speaking of Gundam, Concierge Nikki is preparing a feature article)

If you visit Tokyo, I do recommend you to visit both AKB and Nakano!

I’m sure you can get what you want!


If you plan to visit Japan on October and if you like character products such as Hello Kitty, Snoopy, then this is a good news.

Kiddy Land will open new shop called Chara Park in Kichijouji inside the large-sized shopping complex, Coppice Kichijouji, Tokyo. This new shop will have thousands of character related products. And this will be  separated to 8 different sections. At the Hello Kitty section, you will be welcomed by Kitty, and Snoopy section boasts its 3,000 different products.

Kichijouji is located at east side of Tokyo, and you can get there by taking JR Chuou Line. If you take Chuou Line from Shinjyuku, you will be there in about 15 minutes or so.

Chara park will be opened on 15th October. There might be Kichijouji limited products, so if you will be here fortunately, you’d better visit this new shop!

Written by: Concierge Teacher (aka: ken)